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Perfect for any Import! All in one package deal

18 inch $2075 - Wheels - Tires - Spinners

Sprewell Rims Sprewell RimsSprewell Rims


With Free Shipping on all Sprewell Rims we have what your looking for. Selection and style, we bring some of today's hottest styles in Sprewell Rims to the table. Wholesale prices on all chrome Sprewell Rims!

All of our Sprewell Rims are triple chrome plated and come with dual-bearing construction. This gives you the best quality Sprewell Rims on the market. We have all-in-one solutions that come with wheels, tires, and Sprewell Rims. Or we have the attachment style which go with your existing custom wheels. All come with free shipping to the continental Unites States.

We carry Sprewell Rims in the following sizes 17 inch, 18 inch, 19 inch, 20 inch, 22 inch , 24 inch and a beast 26 inch spinner.

With a selection of attachments or all-in-one we have all your needs covered. We feature brands in Dub Spinner, Diablo, Excess, Thunder, Spintek, Oasis, and Omega Sprewell Rims. We have some of the best prices found on the net, in addition the best selection on the net. Front Wheel Drive or Rear Wheel Drive cars, trucks or SUV's we have what your looking for.

No need to look any further with all the best styled spinners rims, and spinning your search is over. Custom Wheels and Car Rims is your best source for wholesale prices and free shipping right to your door. Buy from the best in Sprewell Rims.

$835/18 inch - $865/20 inch - $1495/24 inch

18 inch $83520 inch $86524 inch $1495

Perfect for any Import! All you need in one package deal

18 inch $2575 - Wheels - Tires - Spinners - Free Shipping

$2575 All-in-one $2575 All-in-one $2575 All-in-one

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